Your Unique Path to Wellness Starts Here

Transform Your Health with Apothecare’s Personalized Cannabis Solutions

Your Unique Path to Wellness Starts Here

Transform Your Health with Apothecare’s Personalized Cannabis Solutions

Modern Cannabis Care

Expert pharmacists in cannabis & wellness

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Who we are

Meet Our Team

Ajay Chahal


Ajay is a pharmacist with expertise in mental health and addiction medicine. He graduated from the University of Toronto, Doctor of Pharmacy program in 2018 and has since worked in community and hospital pharmacy. He is also involved in educating pharmacy students and has a passion for the advancement of the pharmacy profession.

He values a holistic patient-centered approach that optimizes therapy utilizing conventional and alternative treatments. After speaking with countless patients, Ajay saw the need for more patient education and guidance in this rapidly evolving cannabis space. He’s excited to be a part of this new and growing field of medicine.

Anushya Vijayaraghevan


Anushya is a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate and licensed pharmacist with an interest in holistic health and the growing cannabis industry in Canada. She completed her BSc. in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Ottawa in 2012 and thereafter, her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Toronto in 2018.

She has encountered hundreds of patients in community pharmacy with a need for education on the use of cannabis in relation to their medication regimen, providing her patients with a personalized, comprehensive and holistic approach to their health, combining both conventional and complementary medicine.

How it works

At Apothecare, we value each patient’s uniqueness. Through a thorough assessment of their symptoms and concerns, we develop a customized plan that addresses their specific needs. Our streamlined process consists of three simple steps:

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Cannabis Consultation

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Initial Consultation
(30 mins)

  • In-depth assessment of your concerns
  • Review of your health history, nutrition & lifestyle factors that may be impacting those concerns
  • Complete a medication review (if applicable)
  • Ensure cannabis is safe and effective for you
  • Cannabis product recommendation and plan is made
  • Answering your questions to ensure you are confident in our recommendation

Follow-Up Consultation
(15 - 30 mins)

  • Follow-up consult
  • Monitor treatment progress & efficacy
  • Determine follow-up changes to dosing or product selection (if applicable)
  • Provide accountability & support

Annual Membership

  • 1 initial consultation
  • 1 follow-up consultation
  • Apothecare membership entitles you to 10% in savings off of all Insalata Cannabis Market products
  • Membership Renewal: We provide 2 follow-up consultations annually and ongoing savings with Insalata Cannabis Market

It’s time to get the support you deserve with our Cannabis Care Team

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Apothecare combines traditional and alternative medicine, emphasizing evidence-based practices with cannabis for holistic well-being. You must be 19+ to access this website.

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