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Let’s Talk About Mental Health.

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Mental Health By The Numbers

Canadians experience a mental illness in a given year.
0 in 5
of those suffering anxiety disorders receive treatment
0 %
of seniors have some symptoms of depression.
0 %
is the age when the brain is fully developed.
0 years old

Level of Evidence: Science-Based

Apothecare has ranked Mental Health on the highest level of the evidence pyramid. 

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Mental Health

Mental health and well-being are significant concerns for many individuals seeking effective solutions. Alternative therapies have garnered attention for its potential benefits in managing conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Research suggests that traditional antidepressant medications are commonly used, yet some people may experience intolerance or ineffectiveness with these drugs. In such cases, considering alternative approaches is crucial, and seeking guidance from a knowledgeable pharmacist becomes pivotal in navigating the options available.

As the landscape of mental health research evolves, exciting new studies explore the intersection of alternative options and mental health, including its potential role in addressing opioid addiction and withdrawal. 

For a personalized mental health assessment and guidance tailored to individual needs, consulting with a knowledgeable pharmacist is recommended.

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