The Apothecare Session

Your initial Apothecare Session includes a comprehensive medication and cannabis assessment along with a personalized plan.


We believe in sharing knowledge so you get more out of your treatment and have a better understanding of your health after each session. We prioritize continuing education with the evolving cannabis legislation and research.

Program Design

We are here to help create a comprehensive roadmap that is customizable, measurable, realistic, and timely. We customize each and every treatment plan to our patients.


Expert Team

Our team consists of licensed pharmacists who are trained in the field of medical cannabis, ensuring that we always achieve optimal therapeutic effects for our patients.

1-ON-1 Treatment

During your entire session, you receive one-on-one treatment with an expert pharmacist so you get the dedicated attention and care you deserve.


We believe that a one-of-a-kind experience is a result of the details. So here are a few things that we think makes us a different.

Easy Pay and Paperless Transactions

Our online booking system securely stores your preferred method of payment, of your choice, and your invoice will conveniently be sent to your email.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our team is committed to optimizing your medication regimen alongside cannabis use. We stay up to date with cannabis and medical research to ensure that you receive the most effective treatment plan.

Services our team offers:

As pharmacists, we provide specialized medical reviews that focus on safe, effective and appropriate cannabis use. We will assess your current medication regimen and evaluate how cannabis best suits your needs.

Tier 1: Individuals with No Complex Medication Regimen

For individuals on 0 to 2 medications, with no complex medical history, these services are catered to you!

30-minute Initial Assessment + One 15-min Follow-Up Session + First Purchase Support*

In Person : $79 + HST

Virtual : $49 + HST

Tier 2: Individuals with Complex Medication Regimen

For individuals with a complex medical history and are on more than 2 medications, these services are catered to you!

60-minute Initial Assessment + One 15-min Follow-Up Session + First Purchase Support*

In Person : $289 + HST

Virtual : $250 + HST

30-minute Follow-Up Session

In Person : $99 + HST

Virtual : $75 + HST

15-minute Follow-Up Session

Virtual: $49 + HST

General Medical Inquiries

Rate may vary based on medical question(s) asked. 

Virtual: $20 to $50 + HST

Inquire with us about insurance coverage for your cannabis consults. Please note a 48 hour cancellation policy applies to all appointments.

*First Purchase Support: Upon completion of a 60-min initial assessment, our team will accompany you to a dispensary to help you select appropriate products




Let us know what you need so we can make sure you get the best care!


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