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Apothecare provides personalized cannabis consultations for your health and wellness needs. Our expert pharmacists offer easy-to-understand information on your overall wellness.

Common Conditions & Ailments

Health Conditions

Our expert pharmacists have developed easy-to-understand informational guides about common conditions/ailments that consumers may use cannabis for.

Some ailments have strong evidence to support cannabis use, whereas others may have less evidence. The information presented here is not designed to replace a cannabis consultation from a reputable healthcare professional, however, it may help give context and information about how cannabis may or may not be appropriate.

Achieve great health

Major concerns that can be enhanced through the use of alternative medicine:

Pain Management

Level of Evidence: Science-Based

Sleep Disorders

Level of Evidence: Empirical

Headaches and Migraines

Level of Evidence: Empirical

Exercise Recovery

Level of Evidence: Anecdotal

Mental Health

Level of Evidence: Science-Based

Skin Care

Level of Evidence: Empirical

Focus & Attention

Level of Evidence: Anecdotal

Women’s health

Level of Evidence: Anecdotal

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Our Process

At Apothecare, we value each patient’s uniqueness. Through a thorough assessment of their symptoms and concerns, we develop a customized plan that addresses their specific needs. Our streamlined process consists of three simple steps:

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Apothecare combines traditional and alternative medicine, emphasizing evidence-based practices with cannabis for holistic well-being. You must be 19+ to access this website.

Disclaimer: This webpage is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. This webpage is for informational purposes only.