A Personalized Approach to Cannabis Use

Not your traditional cannabis clinic, we take things a step further. Apothecare develops evidence based, personalized treatment plans using cannabis products available to you at your local dispensary.  See how our expert team can help, schedule your consult today!

Why Apothecare?

Created by pharmacists and developed for patients, Apothecare offers a personalized treatment framework that will optimize your medication and cannabis regimen

How it Works


We start each session by listening to you. Taking the extra time to discover more about your health, medical history and any previous cannabis use to help guide our assessment so we can better understand your needs


Using our medical cannabis and pharmacy knowledge, we will develop a way for you to use cannabis along with your current medication regimen to achieve a desired therapeutic effect.


Depending on the medical condition, we customize a cannabis treatment plan made specifically for you so you can reach your goals

Expert Pharmacists that understand your needs

We’ve helped our patients achieve optimal results with their medical conditions so they can have a high quality of life. Making a positive impact on your life is our personal commitment to you.




Let us know what you need so we can make sure you get the best care!


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