Apothecare’s team prides themselves in their clinical expertise and evidence-based practice of cannabis treatment.  We differentiate ourselves from other cannabis clinics as outlined below :


  1. Apothecare’s team is made of pharmacists. We specialize in interactions with medications and optimizing cannabis dosing.  Our focus is on treatment, not diagnosis.  
  2. Our team selects available strains at your local dispensary and create personalized treatment plans for you. 
  3. We create specific dose plans to safely and effectively optimize your cannabis use.
  4. Apothecare offers first purchase support; where we will travel to the dispensary with you to help you select your cannabis strains*.
  5. We offer flexible services to meet your needs. Apothecare provides anything from complex medication reviews to answering clinical questions.  
  6. Apothecare’s services may be covered by your insurance provider.

Cannabis Clinics

  1. Provide prescriptions for medical cannabis and may provide some guidance on how to dose it.
  2. Generally provide basic ranges of THC/CBD concentrations of cannabis strains for you to select yourself.
  3. You’re provided a cannabis prescription that limits you to selecting cannabis products from 1 licensed producer.
  4. Focused on diagnosis, less expertise assessing medication interactions, side effects and dosing.

*Some restrictions apply

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